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Week Commencing 08.01.18

Dear parents and carers,

Happy New Year to you all from the Reception Teaching Team, it’s good to be back. Firstly, we would like to thank you for your incredible generosity over the Christmas period and the wonderful support you have given us and your children.

We are all in high spirits and looking forward to a new year of learning, investigating and exploring. This week in Maths, we have been learning to estimate how many there are in a group, using our best guesses and then counting and checking to see how close our estimates were. Next week we will be investigating sharing (division) through the theme of fairy stories/ traditional tales.

We are focusing on traditional tales this term and we have looked at labelling this week in Literacy. Next week we are focusing on lists. You can help your child learn by showing them the lists that you make e.g. Shopping lists, to do lists etc.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Reception Teaching Team

Week Commencing 27.11.17

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have really been getting into the Christmas spirit in the Reception this week with the rehearsals for the Christmas play in full swing. Your children are making you proud by learning their words to the songs and helping to choreograph the dance moves. We are all very excited!!!

We have been looking at measurement in Mathematics and focusing on length and height. The theme was one of our favourite books ‘Stickman’. We have ordered by height and length characters from the story. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary, such as short, shorter, shortest and long, longer, longest. As well as playing physical games by starting off in a short squat position and saying “ taller, taller, taller” until we stretch as high up as we can and shout “ tallest” and then shrinking again saying “ shorter, shorter , shortest”. We had lots of fun!

Stickman also featured in the children’s Literacy and creative sessions, where we focused on initial letter sounds, fine motor skills and creative mask making.We have a very busy time coming up to Christmas and urge you to check your child’s book bag for letters and information every day please, so that no one has to miss out. We are all looking forward to our trip on Tuesday to Sandwell valley and ask you to please return any permission slips, if you haven’t already. Thank you.

We will be busy making props for the performance and practicing our dance moves next week.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Early years team (Reception)

Week Commencing 16.10.17

We have had another exciting week in Reception. We would like to thank all of the parents who came in during our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions. We hope that you enjoyed your time and thank you for the lovely words of encouragement we received.

We hope that the after session phonics workshops were helpful and anyone who was unable to attend can still see Miss Graham for input to help your child at home.

Happy Diwali to everyone who has been celebrating and we have reflected this in our week’s activities.

We hope you all have a happy and safe Half term holiday and look forward to seeing your children dressed for Halloween on Tuesday 31st October. Remember the 30th school is closed for a staff training day.

Have fun.

The EYFS Team

Week Commencing 18.09.17

We have had a very explorative week. We had a super trip to Warley Woods on Tuesday and the children discovered many interesting and new signs of Autumn.  Lots of good questions were asked, as we investigated nature and many good ideas were expressed, to answer those questions. We got creative by doing bark and leaf rubbings and even found a fairy door or two, much to the children’s delight. Lots of super make believe and exercise undertaken by all. We collected things that interested the children and explained the effect of littering on animals and nature in general.

A big thank you to all our volunteer parent helpers, who made this outing such an amazing success. We all had a ball!

Remember that this week coming are our ‘Stay and play’ sessions at 2.00pm – 3.00 pm, Mon- Thurs.  Where you have the opportunity to be creative and explore the learning environment and activities with your child. We look forward to seeing you.

Week Commencing 18.09.17

What an exciting week we have had in Reception this week. We have welcomed in the last of our children and everyone has been busy making new friends and exploring new toys, new books and new resources.The children have all done very well in adapting to their new routines, although this is ongoing and will take practice.

Excellent exploration of exotic fruits by all children, you were all confident and sensible in your approach to our senses games and experiments. Great attitudes!

A big well done to the Hobby Horse Club for a brilliant and confident start at their new sport. They learned to walk and trot with their hobby horses and everyone enjoyed the jumps.

For the disappointed children and parents, who were not picked out of the hat, there will be other times to join hobby horse club in the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents and carers that Reception PE is on Thursdays and your child will need their PE kit every week that comprises a white T-shirt, black shorts and a pair of pumps/plimsolls/daps. Please remember to write your child’s name in every piece of clothing and footwear.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Week Commencing 11.09.17

This week our new children have continued to settle in well and are all trying hard to learn the routines and expectations of the children have impressed us with their 'can do' attitude and enthusiasm, joining in mental and physical learning.

We are learning about our 5 senses - sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste and linking these into healthy eating. We encourage parents to continue thier childs learning journey at home, helping then to experience new tastes, sights, smells, textures and sounds.

Have fun exploring!

Week Commencing 04.09.17

A warm welcome back to all our children. Hope they all have had a refreshing break over the summer.

This week all the children have been busy getting to know their new class teachers. They have settled very quickly in their year groups and back into routine. All ready for a busy and fun term!

Week Commencing 27.3.17

Firstly on behalf of all of the reception staff, we would like to thank you all for your amazing response and generosity on Red nose day, the children had a great time.

What an exciting week we have in the Reception this week.

The children are excited to perform their ‘Mother’s Day’ assembly after the disappointing postponement of last week and we all look forward to seeing you on Monday afternoon.

This week is also ‘Well-being’ week where we will be exploring our feelings through activities and group sessions with organisations including the Black Country women’s aid organisation.

 We will be discovering that it’s okay not to be okay and how kindness can increase our feelings of well- being on Monday.

We will remind ourselves on Tuesday that ‘we are worth it’ and feeling safe when we enter the solar dome. Why do we have rules? We know our school rules and what they mean for us and how to follow them.

Wednesday is all about having a healthy body and mind where Nursery and Reception will work together to make the Nursery garden a stimulating and relaxing place to use our senses to explore for present and future pupils.

Thursday we address healthy relationships and how we get on with others, identifying what a bully is and what they do, why they do it and strategies to help us overcome unkind words and actions.

Friday is ‘Good to me’ time and your little learners chance to celebrate all that they have achieved over the week.  Share in your child’s experiences by looking at our photos on the school website and ask them to explain what they did. Remember speaking, listening and responding is one of the most important skills your child will learn, so they need chance to practice sharing their knowledge with you and answering your questions.

Our focus in Literacy, Maths and free flow is Spring.

Literacy skills include talking about spring and writing their thoughts into sentences and key words.

In maths we are learning how to halve and share (early division) using practical challenging, but achievable activities.

Don’t forget to make your Easter/Spring Bonnet together, the parade is on Monday 3rd April at 1.15pm.

Here’s to an exciting week .

Week commencing 20.3.17

This week the reception classes, RC and RD will be having fun exploring capacity in Maths. Pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood or the wolf, they will be using a variety of containers, bottles and baskets, water, toys, sand, rice and pasta to further our use of skills and language in this area. Using language like full, empty, part full and part empty can be used in everyday activities at home to support your child’s learning, washing up or bath times are great opportunities.

In Literacy we have been continuing our work on Fairy Tales (following your suggestions about your children’s interests) by learning how to retell a story in sequence using key events. They are finding out about settings, beginnings, middles and ends. Why not ask your little learner to tell you a bed time story?

Mother's Day Assembly has been postponed until further notice due to school closure on Thursday 23rd March 2017.

The classes are also excited about wearing red for Friday’s red nose day fun. 


Dinosaurs love underpants


This week we have read the story 'Dinosaurs love underpants'. This week we have been focusing on retelling the story using our own words. The children have then mapped their stories out on a story mountain. The children have had a chance to design and make their own underpants and do lots of fun dinosaur crafts.

This week the children have learnt all about fossils and have had the oppourtunity to make their own. The children have had the chance to look at a selection of fiction and non-fiction books about dinosaurs and have enjoyed learning dinosaur facts this week.

In Maths we have been focusing on subtraction, the children have been learning to practically subtract a single digit number from another singal digit number.

Introduction to Dinosaurs

9/1/17- 13/1/17


Our new topic this month is 'Dinosaurs', the children were very excited to find a dinosaur egg in the classroom when they arrived on Monday morning. The children made sensible predictions about what was in the egg. They built a nest and looked after the egg until it hatched. The children were very excited to see that it was a baby dinosaur. They loved seeing our dinosaur grow and and enjoyed our virtual dinosaur that visited our classroom.

This week the children have read the story 'tryranasuras drip'. The children enjoyed the rhyming aspect of the story and could make their own rhyming sentences. In Maths the children have been working really hard on counting different amounts.


This week we have given an events letter out to all parents that outlines any events that are coming up between now and Easter.

Christmas celebrations


21/11/16- 25/11/17


This week in Reception we were very lucky to have the ECO bus visit us. We learnt all about how important recycling is and how what items around school and home we can recycle. We finished off the day planting our own cress seeds. We are looking forarwd to looking after them and seeing how well they grow.






Over December in reception we have been very busy. We have been writing letters to Santa and we have enjoyed playing in our Santas grotto, wrapping presents and writing cards. We also got to meet the big man himself, when he visited us for our christmas party.

The children have worked really hard this month learning all the songs and actions for our christmas production 'Robins so excited'.

We finished off our very busy term, by invitng our parents in for our stay and play christmas activity afternoon.


We hope you all have a fantastic christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Autumn 7/11/16- 11/11/16

This week we have been learning all about Autumn. The children have enjoyed making lots of Autumn crafts. We have been really busy learning all about the seasons and how they change over the year. Next week we are going to be going on a leaf hunt. We are very excited!

Diwali 31-10-16 to 5-11-16

This week the children have had lots of fun completing Diwali activities. The children have made Diva Lamps out of clays  and paper. 

The children really enjoyed going in to the imagination studio of watch an interactive fireworks display. 

The children finished the week by attending a mask making workshop. 






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