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This week in Year 1 we are learning about...

Week beginning 19/11/2018

Over the last two weeks we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and how we remember what he did on the 5th November. We went into the Imagination Studio to experience fireworks and then recreated them as part of our art project.

Week beginning 03/11/2018

For Cultural Week we learnt about the Christian celebration Christmas. We read a story called Father Christmas and found out more about where the Christmas story originates. In our RE lessons we found out how we people celebrate around the world from England to Australia. We did this by going into the Imagination Studio and experiencing the different celebrations.

Week beginning 15/10/2018

For Cultural Week we learnt about the Christian celebration Christmas. We read a story called Father Christmas and found out more about where the Christmas story originates. In our RE lessons we found out how we people celebrate around the world from England to Australia. We did this by going into the Imagination Studio and experiencing the different celebrations.

Week beginning 15/10/2018

To conclude our Geography topic of local places we went to visit a local house called Haden Hill House and Museum. We found out how the houses were different in the past and how people lived in the Victorian times. We even got to dress up as a poor child and a rich child.

Week beginning 15/09/2018

We have had a busy few weeks in Year 1. We are so good at learning stories that we have been able to make our own story up with our own characters. Thank you to all the parents that came to school to find out about what we have learnt so far.
We are now learning a new story called Goldilocks, but we think the Three Bears might have moved into our class whilst we were at playtime because we came back and there were three different sized bowls of porridge and three different sized chairs! It's a good thing we got there before Goldilocks otherwise she would've broken a chair!
IMG 0330 IMG 0335 IMG 0350

Week beginning 03/09/2018

Welcome to Year 1! 
The children have settled in well and have started learning in a variety of lessons. In Maths we have learnt some new signs (we could remember using + and - in Reception) and we learnt tricks to make it easier to use them. We then use the signs (< and >) to compare numbers and quantities. In English we are learning the story of the Three Little Pigs but we found out the wolf has got even stronger and has blown down the brick house. So we have used our science knowledge to think of an alternative material to use instead of bricks. 
Our PE day is Monday, so please make sure the children have their full PE kit in school. 1M have swimming every Wednesday and every Thursday. Please remember that all jewellery needs to be removed for both swimming and PE.
Thanks for all your support so far, we are looking forward to having a fun and educational year together.

Week beginning 04/06/2018

Welcome back everyone. 

This week we have stated to learn about multiplication and division in maths and over the next few weeks we will be learning about fractions, time and money, so we will be working hard right up to the summer holidays. 
We have been doing lots of phonics to get us ready for the screening next week, we know you will all try your very best. 
We have also been learning about our senses in science and this will continue next week. 
We are looking forward to seeing you world cup homework and following the teams in our class from next week.

Week commencing 21.05.18
This week we have been designing and describing our own aliens using lots of adjectives and learning about plurals by adding 's' and 'es'.  After the holidays we will continue to be writing about aliens. However in the second week back starting Monday 11th June 2018 we will be doing our phonics screening so the first 2 weeks back we will be concentrating on our phonics in English. 
In our maths we are starting to learn about multiplication and division and this week we have been learning all about arrays, which is putting objects into rows and columns and  learning about repeated addition.
We have had some extra fun this week learning a samba dance and performing this for some other classes. It was lots of fun and we really enjoyed it. 
The children will also have 2 lots of homework, 1 about the World Cup and some phonics practise homework for over the holidays.
Have a great holiday and see you all on Monday 4th June.

Week commencing 18.05.18

In year 1 we have been reading an interesting book called Beegu. It is about an alien who crashes on Earth and meets people who sometimes are kind and sometimes very unkind. We then wrote postcards as if we were Beegu to our parents. 

In maths we have started learning about multiplication and this will continue next week. 
In science we will begin learning about our senses and also plants and growing. In our topic work we are continuing to learn about the world around us including going to a beach, and a holiday in a hot place.
Phonics screening
In a few weeks we will be taking part in the phonics screening. This will be in the week beginning Monday 11th June and continue during the week. Each child has to read 40 words made up of real and nonsense words to a teacher. We have spent lots of time getting ready for these and the children are used to seeing old tests and reading to us. We will however not be able to say hat your child has scored until report time and the details of these score will be included.
Any questions please come and ask.

Week commencing 26.03.18

Well what a very busy half term we have had. We have been doing lots of writing linked to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, including story retelling, and descriptive writing. We have also planted our own beans to grow at home.

In maths we have started to learn about measures, starting with length and will be continuing this next term and then move onto capacity and mass. 
In our curriculum work we will continue to be learning about life when our grandparents were children, learning about school life and play ground games and then move onto what would we see on our journey around the world. 
Have great holiday everyone.

Week commencing 05.03.18

Firstly well done to everyone who worked at home to create an animal mask as their homework project. They are amazing! A few of them are in the photos.

We are continuing to use the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in English and have moved onto writing descriptions of the giant.  Next week we will be writing a retell of the story ourselves.
In maths, we are now moving onto numbers to 50 and counting tens and ones and writing bigger numbers.
Our science topic about animals is carrying on and we are now learning about amphibians, insects and fish so expect the children to be asking questions.

Week commencing 26.02.18

In English this half term we will be focusing on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have started to learn to re-tell the story using actions and 'talk for writing'. We will be writing poems and descriptions about the story and characters. In our maths we are working on addition and subtraction to 20, as well as doing lots of maths challenges.

In our topic world we are starting a new topic all about life when our grandparents were children, looking at photos and artefacts to enhance our learning.

Week commencing 09.02.18

We have started a new story in year 1 called Biscuit Bear. 

Biscuit Bear has decided to visit Ryders Green Primary School and he went on an adventure around our school. He met lots of the staff and children as well as exploring the outside area. We will keep you updated on what happens to him this week.

In geography we have continued to learn about Giant Pandas and then we made panda masks.
DSC04519 DSC04517

Week commencing 15.01.18

We have been reading the story of the Little Red Hen and this week the Hen sent us some of her bread to try. It was delicious!
We have created story hands in order to write our own version of the Little 
Red Hen, but this time she is making soup. I wonder if she will find any animals to help her.
In maths we have been learning to make numbers above 10 using tens and ones, we have done lots of practical work with our Kagan partners.

DSC04430 DSC04433


Week Beginning 08.01.18
WOW, what an exciting start to our new term. On Monday we had a visit from the animal man, who bought lots of exciting creatures for us to look at, touch and hold. We all really enjoyed the visit and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting the animals. Head over to the photo gallery for more pictures.
 IMG 0018
In English, we started reading the Little Red Hen and have used actions to re-tell the story and have sequenced it.
In maths we are now learning all about numbers to 20, including 1 more/less, ordering, drawing and counting amounts and will then move on to addition and subtraction to 20.

Week Beginning: 20.11.17
We really enjoyed our cultural week activities, Chinese and Bhangra dancing. We also learnt all about Guy Fawkes and why we remember the 5th November.  As part of this we used oil pastels to create firework pictures.  These will be in our art exhibition on Friday.  In our science we also carried out an investigation to find out which materials were waterproof. We had fun learning about the different materials. 

Week Beginning: 30.10.17
Welcome back everyone. 
This week we have started learning all about Bonfire night and Guy Fawkes as part of our history and cultural weeks activities. 
We went into the imagination studio and used the interactive wall displays to create fireworks in the night sky.
We are going to continue to learn about the gunpowder plot over the next 2 weeks including producing artwork about bonfire night.
DSC03991 DSC03996 Small DSC04001

Week Beginning: 02.10.17
In English this week we have started a new story - 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.
We have been trying a new activity this week called 'Hot Seating'. We worked together to think of questions that we could ask Goldilocks about why she went into the house and the things that went on. Then some of us pretended to be Goldilocks and answered the questions. We then went on to write some lovely descriptions of Goldilocks.
In our Science we have explored the texture of materials and created texture hands which were hand outlines with materials that were hard, soft, smooth, bumpy and rough.
In Geography we have continued to learn about our local area and also thinking about places that are near and far.

Week Beginning: 25.09.17
The half term is going so very fast. 
In English this week we thought about things that we are scared of and wrote lots of sentences about these and explaining why.
In our maths we have been ordering numbers and spent time using the ipads to learn new maths activities that are linked to this.
We are continuing to learn about our local area in Geography. This week we wrote some sentences about some of the places we visit in our area. 
In our Science this week we went around the school looking for different materials and discussing why objects are made from them. We took photos and also wrote lists of what we found.

Week Beginning: 18.09.17
We really are settling in to year 1 and working very hard.

This week we have continued our work looking at different objects and the materials that they are made from in Science. 

We also looked online for lots of other places that we visit in our local area as part of our Geography work and shared our ideas with each other.
In our English work we have been writing descriptions and captions linked to the story of 'The three little pigs', using our sounds to spell words.
Our maths work this week has been about making sets of objects with more or less and we have been involved in lots of practical work using concrete objects and pictures to show our understanding. 

Week Beginning: 11.09.17

In year 1 this week we have been working really hard and started reading the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. On Monday we acted out the story in groups to help us o be able to re-tell the story to others. Then we all worked together to think of words to describe the wolf ready for our work next week.

In our science this term we are going to be learning about different materials and this week we started off by sorting lots of objects in our class into different groups and discussing what they are made from. 
In our geography work we looked at lots of pictures of our local area and talked to our table partners about these and when and why we visit them. 
We are all looking forward to learning lots more over this term and working together as a team. 

Week Beginning: 04.09.17

A warm welcome back to all our children. Hope they all have had a refreshing break over the summer.

This week all the children have been busy getting to know their new class teachers. They have settled very quickly in their year groups and back into routine. All ready for a busy and fun term!

Week beginning: 26.06.17

What a busy week! This week in English we have been planning and writing our own stories based on the adventures of Martin. We wrote some fantastic stories and our teachers were extremely proud of just how far we have come with our writing this year. 

 Pic11  Pic10

In Maths we moved onto weight. We looked at using key vocabulary such as heavier and lighter to describe the weight of two items on the balance scales.


Finally this week we carried out some science experiments involving ice cubes. We tried to find out which of three items (sugar, salt and pepper) would melt an ice cube the quickest and which would melt it the slowest. We had great fun identifying investigation questions and carrying out our investigation. 


Week Commencing 19.06.17

Now that the phonics screening is over we went back to English lessons and started our new book ‘But Martin.’ The children were extremely excited to take Martin on an adventure around school and are now eager to plan and write a story about Martins adventures next week. Here are some of the things Martin got up.

 Pic6 pic7 Copy pic8

We are also trying hard to develop our understanding of the books we read. More and more we are discussing what is happening in the books and what are opinions are on this. This is something which we could practise at home when reading books with our adults!

Week Commencing 12.05.17

This week we have been working hard on our phonics and have started to read lots more in class so that we are applying our phonic skills. We took advantage of the dry weather and ‘got caught reading’ around the school.

 Pic1 Pic2

 We have also been working hard on our senses topic. This week we focused on our sense of sight. We temporarily gave up our sense of sight by being blind folded. We put our trust in our partners as they guided us round an obstacle course. Afterwards, we reflected on the task and discussed what it would be like to have no sense of sight at all.

 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5

Week Commencing 05.06.17

Our first week back has been a busy one as we have been preparing for the phonics screening next week. We have been developing our skills and have tried hard to apply these when reading words and stories.

In Maths we have been focusing on counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. We are getting much better at this but must keep practising so that we are able to develop our recall skills. We have also been looking at what it means when we have equal groups and have demonstrated our understanding of this using lots of concrete objects.

Week Commencing 22.05.17

What a busy week our final week has been! We have been working hard on developing our understanding of length and height through measuring a range of different objects. We compared each of the objects to see which were taller and shorter or longer and shorter. We then moved on to measuring objects using a ruler.

In science we started to prepare for our topic next term by looking at the five senses and what we use them for. We are looking forward to using our senses to carry out investigations next term. 

 DSC07968  DSC07970


Week Commencing 15.05.17

This week in Year One has been a weird and wonderful one. In English we were introduced to questions, we looked at what a question was and how questions are asked before interviewing Zorg, an alien from space. Yes that’s right! We were lucky enough to have a visit from our very own alien. We were extremely excited to ask Zorg questions and wrote some wonderful responses to the questions we asked.

In Maths we have been working on fractions. We have been finding ½ and ¼ of a range of shapes and numbers and even started to solve some fraction problems. 

DSC07957  DSC07961  DSC07962

Week commencing 20.03.17

This week Year One enjoyed a trip to Warwick Castle. We had the opportunity to read a story with a princess, explore the castle grounds and even managed to find our way around the Horrible Histories maze! Despite the weather we kept in high spirits and were an absolute credit to Ryders Green! We finished off the week back in school by painting our very own shields.

Week commencing 13.03.17

What a busy week we have had! In English we finished our work around our text 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' We planted our very own beanstalks, wrote a set of instructions and ended the week by answering the question, 'What would you do if you had one magic bean?' We had lots of weird and wonderful ideas including houses made of marshmallows and robots to do our chores. Year 1 are most definitely hoping those magic beans work!

In maths we have been learning about the values of different coins and we even learnt how to tell the time. We are now superstars with reading O'Clock! 

In history we looked in depth at what our grandparents school would have been like. We took part in a mock lesson that would have been a daily experience for our grandparents and also had the opportunity to play some playground games that they would have played. We had great fun playing hopscotch and marbles! 

We are now looking forward to next week as we continue with our learning. We are becoming super excited for our trip to Warwick Castle!


Week commencing 27.02.17

A week for growing...

In English we have been developing our independence. Many of us were able to write a character description using adjectives and conjunctions without any help! We are consolidating our understanding of what a good piece of writing needs and ended the week by writing a retell of Jack and the Beanstalk. WOW!

In maths we have been revisiting key skills such as adding using objects and number lines and finding number bonds whilst also learning new skills such as counting in 2's and 10's. We have grown so much in our ability to develop and apply our mathematical understanding. Our teachers are very impressed!

Week commencing 27.02.17

A term for new topics...

This week we started our work around a new text but it came with a twist. Instead of reading our story and discussing what was happening, we began by carrying out an oral retell of 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' We did amazingly and are now ready for three weeks of writing based around the text. Who knows, we might even climb the beanstalk!

This week we also began our new history topic, 'What was life like when our grandparents were little?' We discussed what our lives are like now in preparation for learning all about what our grandparents lives were like. It was such a shock to the system to learn that tablets, ipads and the Xbox didn't exist back then!

Week commencing 13.02.17

This week in class we have been writing about Valentines Day. Everyone absolutely loved our book 'Love is My Favourite Thing.' We discussed what love means and the different things that we love. We then wrote some super sentences about the things that we love (of course some children wrote about ice-cream and toys before anything else!) We have worked extremely hard this term and are ready for a well-earned rest before a busy term begins on the 27.2.17. Enjoy!

Week commencing 06.02.17

This week we became penguins! We have been working hard to develop our understanding of animals through our Science and Geography topics this term and this continued as we identified which one had the most suitable environment for and was home to penguins. We read a wonderful story all about where penguins are from and how they keep their eggs warm. We then became penguins by using tennis balls (as our eggs) and found that it was extremely difficult to balance the tennis balls so that they didn't fall!


We have decided that we are much better off as little humans (although we found our time as penguins very funny!)

Week commencing 30.01.17

This week in class we linked our story, 'The Little Red Hen,' to our own experiences by considering how we help others (something that the characters in the story refuse to do.) We discussed who we help and what we have done to help these people before putting our experiences into sentences. Some of us then began to extend our writing by thinking about why we help others.

Week commencing 23.01.17

This week we continued to think about developing our own stories through a fantastic story workshop. We had the oppourtunity to create and act out our very own 'enchanted woodlands story.' We thought of  every aspect of the story by simply using our five senses and worked as a team to build on the ideas of others. 


Week commencing 16.01.17

WOW! This was the only word our teachers were able to say this week as we planned and wrote a new version of 'The Little Red Hen.' We are now beginning to recall the key parts of a story and used our ever-growing knowledge to produce some high quality pieces of writing - and all at 5/6 years old! We are superstars!

We have also been working extremely hard in Maths where we have been using concrete objects to become familiar with and name a range of 2D and 3D shapes. 

Week commencing 09.01.17

This week we learnt and performed our first ever oral re-tell of a story. As a class, we discussed the different actions that could be used to show the events in 'The Little Red Hen.' We then re-told the story and added in our chosen actions to produce a wonderful oral re-tell. Our teachers were extremely proud of us and invited adults from around the school to watch the performance!

Week commencing 02.01.17

We have had a lovely first week back in Year 1. In English we have been focusing on our reading and phonics skills before starting our writing on the 'Little Red Hen' next week. In order to kickstart our science and geography topics focusing on animals, we had a special visit from the animal man. The children had the opportunity to learn about and even hold a range of animals. We are now super excited to continue with our new learning.


Week commencing 12.12.16

And relax..... Wow what a busy term! Year One have had a wonderful final week preparing for Christmas. Our performance of 'Robin's So Excited' was wonderful and we then went on to celebrate our hard work this term through fun Christmas activities, including; Christmas parties, a church service and Christmas craft activities. 

We can't wait to see all of the wonderful things that Year One will achieve next term! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us this week and we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Week commencing 05.12.16

Practice, Practice, Practice! Year One have been preparing for our Christmas natvity this week. We have been singing and dancing to our hearts content and are almost ready to show our hardwork to parents and carers on Tuesday. We hope you will come and join us as we celebrate Christmas through our performance of 'Robin's So Excited!'

 We were also joined by lots of parents during our curriculum morning. We took part in a range of 'Christmas around the World' activities and made lots of things to take home for Christmas. 


Week commencing 28.11.16

We have had a very busy week in Year One as we continued our Christmas writing with a description of Santa Claus! We all got into the Christmas spirit as we decorated our classrooms in preparation for Christmas and we are now extremely excited. 

Week commencing 21.11.16

This week we started our Christmas writing activities with a letter to Santa. We were very excited to look through all of the books, searching for toys that we would like Santa to bring for us. After we had made our final choices (which was very difficult,) we used our ideas to write letters to Santa which we will be leaving out over the weekend for Santa to collect.


Week commencing 14.11.16

We are storytellers! This week we made our teachers say 'WOW' on several occasions by planning and writing our very own stories! For our very first attempt at this we wrote some amazing stories and added to the wonderful progress that we have been making with our writing. Our teachers are sure that we have many writers in the making. 

On Friday we raised money for Children in Need by wearing pyjamas for Pudsey (like we needed an excuse to put our pyjamas on!)

Week commencing 07.11.16

This week Year One were lucky enough to watch a theatre production of Robin Hood. We were very excited to meet all of the characters and had lots of fun singing and dancing along.


 We also went on a cinema visit to see Angry Birds. The children in Year One were an absolute credit to Ryders Green and thoroughly enjoyed the film. 

Week commencing 31.10.16

What a busy first week back it has been in Year One! This week we dived into cultural week with a fantastic range of activities. We started by briefly looking at the African culture through our English text, 'Handa's Surprise.' We tasted a range of fruits from the story before writing a list poem using all of the wonderful adjectives we identifed through our fruit tasting. 

The afternoons have most definately been our favourite! We have been learning all about Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it. We had real-life experience of making our very own fireworks in the schools Imagination Studio and also completed a range of art activities. We then showcased our learning in a wonderful assembly!


 Finally, we were lucky enough to take part in Bhangra and Chinese dancing! We had such fun working together to learn about these different cultures.

Week commencing 17.10.16

This week Year One became storytellers. We carried out a story innovation as we came up with ideas about what might have happened after Goldilocks and the Three Bears ended. We had lots of weird and wonderful ideas about what the Bears might do if they went to Goldilocks' house, including; squirting toothpaste around the bathroom and pulling the stuffing out of the pillows. We then used the special story tellers chair to retell our story innovations. 


This week we also ended our D&T topic 'Homes' by creating our own homes using cereal boxes. This term we have carried out lots of investigative activities in order to find out about different types of homes before desgining and making our own models. Here are some of our final pieces of work. 


Week commencing 10.10.16

Year One are reading 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' at the moment. To engage the children this week, everyone brought in their own bears and did some wonderful writing about them. Here are some of the children hard at work!


Week commencing 03.10.16

We had some visitors from Decca come into school on Monday. We learnt lots of information about how we can keep safe when we are poorly and what things will help us to get better. We also had some time to talk to our teacher in class about things that are medicines and things that aren't.

Displaying DSCN2320[1].JPG

Week commencing 26.09.16

On Friday we got to enjoy lots of sweet treats as it was Macmillan coffee morning. Lots of children donated cakes and we even had a 'wow'stopper challenge. 

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