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W.B 16/09/17

Autumn 1 Blog

It has been an extremely busy first half term for the children in Year 3. They have settled in well to life in KS2 and are really into their learning. The children have become amazing historians exploring Ancient Egypt, Scientists looking into the human body and healthy diet we should follow, writers with stories about the adventures of the Egyptian Cinderella and brilliant mathematicians by looking at the place value of numbers.

The children were also set a homework task of building their own pyramids using a range of different resources. The ideas and creations the children came up with were amazing!

We are now looking forward to a well-earned break before we continue the hard work in Autumn 2. 

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W.B 04/09/17

A warm welcome back to all our children. Hope they all have had a refreshing break over the summer.

This week all the children have been busy getting to know their new class teachers. They have settled very quickly in their year groups and back into routine. All ready for a busy and fun term!

W.B 05/06/17

What an incredibly busy week it has been in Year 3! This week, we have been super lucky as on Tuesday we had some visitors who brought with them some Egyptian artefacts! We were able to pass around the artefacts and look at them closely, this gave us a real insight into life during Ancient Egypt. At the end of the session, the man brought out a real mummy's head! It was fascinating but some of did find it a little strange! Then to top off our brilliant week, we all went to the SeaLife centre in Birmingham to celebrate our learning of the year and learn even more amazing fact about sea creatures. We had a wonderful day exploring the SeaLife Centre, finding out facts and looking at all of the different creatures. 

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Summer 1 Half Term

Wow, hasn’t this half term flew by! It has been a busy few weeks in Year Three where all of the children have worked super hard and produced some wonderful work. In maths, we have focused on money and time, both tricky topics but the children were experts by the end of the five weeks! In English, we have looked at information texts and produced some amazing fact files on sharks, we are now full of information about sharks. Finally, in topic, we looked at the question of ‘Do you like to be beside the seaside?’ To celebrate our learning, we had a beach afternoon, where we wore our beach clothes, played games, had a picnic and we even had an ice cream! It was a wonderful afternoon that celebrated the children’s hard work. We are looking forward to Summer Two, especially as we are going on a trip to the Sealife Centre. Enjoy the holiday! 


W.B 03/04/17

This week was 3G’s final week swimming and what a brilliant 12 weeks it has been! We have made so much progress in these weeks and have gained so much confidence. Miss Geddes and Mrs Foster are really proud of our achievements. As it has been the run up to Easter we have been super busy preparing and celebrating Easter. Friday afternoon we had VIB where we were rewarded for our impeccable behaviour across the term. There were a range of activities, including: an Easter egg hunt and chocolate nest making, yummy! This term has been incredibly busy for Year 3, but all of the children have worked super hard. We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and a well-deserved break, ready for Summer Term. 

W.B. 27/03/17

What a lovely week it has been in Year 3, we have finally seen some sunshine which is super lucky because on Friday afternoon we went outside into the Solar Dome garden and planted flowers as part of ‘Well Being Week’. We need to make sure that we look after our flowers and plants so they grow big and strong. During the week we also designed butterflies, writing an act of kindness we have done for one of our friends. They have been displayed in the Solar Dome and look beautiful. 

W.B. 20/03/17

Another busy week in Year 3. On Thursday the school nurse came into our classes and we looked at healthy eating. In our classes we looked at the ‘eat well plate’ discussing what food are good for us and which foods aren’t. Then we created our own food plates of all the healthy food we learnt about, then some of us even created our own lunchboxes. We are now full of knowledge about the healthy food we should be eating. 

W.B. 13/03/17

Another busy week in Year 3. On Thursday the school nurse came into our classes and we looked at healthy eating. In our classes we looked at the ‘eat well plate’ discussing what food are good for us and which foods aren’t. Then we created our own food plates of all the healthy food we learnt about, then some of us even created our own lunchboxes. We are now full of knowledge about the healthy food we should be eating.

W.B. 06/03/17

This week we have been focusing on English and our topic of ‘Adventure and Mystery’. 3G are basing their stories on Space so we went to the imagination studio on Thursday to experience a space setting. This gave us so many amazing ideas about how we could get to space, ready to write our stories in the next week or so. 

W.B 27/02/17

What a super busy and exciting week we have had in Year 3. We are now half way through the school year and have already achieved so much, we are excited for what the rest of the year holds. This week has been a wonderful first week back! On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day, for this we dressed up as some of our favourite character from a book and spent the day with lots of different teachers who taught us some fabulous lessons throughout the day. It was a wonderful day and we really enjoyed ourselves! 

W.B 23.01.17

This week in Year 3 we were super lucky as we had some special visitors from the library. They performed to us ‘Diary of a Wimpey Ghost’ which we loved and found hilarious! Then we were super lucky to then create our own characters from the story using design. In Geography this half term we have been focusing on climate and this week we explored the desert climate, putting ourselves into the shoes of someone who lived in the desert. A lot of us talked about how we would love to ride a camel through the sandy desert.


W.B 30.01.17

This week in Year 3 we have been super busy again with all of our work. In English we have started to look at letters with a focus on Roald Dahl, one of our favourite authors. We have spent the week completing lots of challenges about Roald Dahl, looking at his books and finding out about his life. We are looking forward to writing letters in the next couple of weeks.


W.B 06.02.17

This week we have been continuing with our learning to play trumpets. We have learnt a new song called ‘Rock Today’ which we are really excited about and are beginning to get to grips with!

3G have also made lots of progress with their swimming. Some of the children made a big step this week and started jumping into the water which was a little scary but we are super proud of them all. 3G are really loving going swimming every week, it is one of our favourite parts of the week! 


W.B 09.01.17

Wow! It has been another busy week in Year 3!

3G were super lucky this week as they started swimming! As a class they did really well and all got into the pool and swam a length! They are really looking forward to the next few weeks swimming.

Some of the children in our classes graduated from the Children's University with bronze and silver awards. It was absolutely brilliant and we are super proud of them.

Finally this week, there was lots of excitement on Thursday afternoon when it started to snow! The children were really excited to see the snow fall onto the playground and couldn't wait to get outside at the end of the day.


W.B 04.01.17

Happy New Year everyone! We went straight back into work in Year 3 this week. We have started our new topic of 'Is Climate Cool?' in geography and we were given the opportunity to become weather reporters which was super exciting! In our partners we explored the different seasons of the weather in the UK and reported back to our class in a weather report in the imagination studio, it was really fun! 

On Wednesday we had our first trumpet session of the year and we have started to learn some songs now we know the basics of playing a trumpet. How exciting!

W.B 12.12.16

We have now completed our first term in Year 3 and what a term it has been! This week in particular has been pretty special as we have had lots of events on to celebrate Christmas. On Tuesday, we performed at Carols by Candlelight, where we invited parents to come and watch and listen to some of our favourite carols. We also travelled up to church on Thursday morning, where again we celebrated by singing carols and listened to the story of Christmas. Thursday afternoon was super exciting as we met a special visitor in the Imagination Studio, Santa Claus! We all spoke to him and then we received a present! With our first term over, we are looking forward to our Spring term in Year 3 and what it has to offer.

We would just like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all for your support not only this week but throughout the term and a Merry Christmas to you all!


W.B 05.12.16

Phew! It has been another super busy week in Year 3. To start the week, we had VIB where we had fun on a bouncy castle, danced at a disco and then had a yummy ice cream with sprinkles! On Thursday we had our curriculum day and we built Stonehenge as part of our Stone Age topic. We had a super busy afternoon, but we had such a good time designing and building Stonehenge out of biscuits!


W.B 28.11.16

It has been an exciting week in Year 3 again. We have been really busy working on our Science and completing an experiment looking at what is magnetic and what isn’t. We found out from our experiment that: keys, table legs and the whiteboard were magnetic. We also tested tissues, doors and a ruler and we found they were not magnetic. Then, on Wednesday we were super lucky to be able to decorate our Christmas trees in class. We had lots of fun dressing our classroom and making it look all Christmassy. 


W.B 21.11.16

Wow, what a busy week it has been in Year 3! At the start of the week, we went to visit the EcoBus on the playground. We looked at water and how if we waste it, it can harm fish. We also learnt about condensation. Then, on Thursday we were super lucky as Chris from the ThinkTank visited us to help us learn all about Forces and Magnets. Chris gave us lots of information about forces and what they do. Then we were given a challenge, we had to win all of the prizes at the Fun Fair by completing challenges to do with forces and using magnets. One challenge was called ‘Catch the Rat’, we had to use a parachute to catch the rat from any direction! It was really hard work, but we managed to win all of the prizes and the challenge over all! Chris taught us so much about Forces and Magnets and we really enjoyed ourselves. 


W.B 14.11.16

This week, we were incredibly lucky to be able to go to the cinema as part of the Into Film festival at the Odeon. On Wednesday 18th, we got a coach all the way up to West Bromwich town centre to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 along with Year 4. The film was really good, we really enjoyed ourselves.

Here are some of our comments about the film:

The film was really fun and funny- Justin

It was a loving story, all about family- Ismail

My favourite part was when Mavis and Johnny got married- Zoe

My favourite part was when Dennis became a vampire at the end of the story- Maryam


Week Commencing 31.10.16

It has been a super busy first week back in Year 3! We have been celebrating Culture Week throughout the whole school and Year 3 have been looking at the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi. Vaisakhi is celebrated in April of every year. 

We were also super lucky to learn Bhangra dancing, which we loved but also found exhausting! Then on Thursday afternoon we created lots of music when we learnt how to play the steel pans and djembe drums.

We have all really enjoyed culture week!


Week Commencing 17.10.16

This week Year 3 have been looking at the different time zones across the world. We compared the times in different countries to the time in the UK. Did you know that if it is 12pm in the UK, it will be 9am in Rio De Janeiro?


Week commencing 03.10.16

This week Year 3 got to make lots of noise in our music lesson as we had a go at playing our trumpets! The sounds could be heard all around school and our lips felt very tingly!

Week commencing 26.09.16

There was cake everywhere on Friday as we all came together to raise lots of money for Macmillan Cancer Support with the coffee morning. We helped to entertain all of the parents and familes who had come along with our wonderful singing. They really enjoyed it.

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