Year 4

This week in Year 4 we are learning about...

Week beginning 09/11/2018
This week we have learnt all about Judaism. We have found out about different festivals and created raps about Hanukkah. We have enjoyed learning about another religion and their culture.

Week beginning 15/10/2018
This week year 4 have learnt about the water cycle, learnt to subtract with exchanges and why people choose to live near volcanoes. They continue to enjoy their outdoor learning activities every Friday with Miss Richards and we are looking forward to harvest next week.

Week beginning 05/10/2018

This week we have had some amazing homework projects in. Look at some of the wonderful examples of when the earth shakes, rattles or rolls.

Week beginning 10/09/2018

This week 4B has been learning about roman numerals and rounding in maths, 'The Abominables' in English, states of matter in Science, how the Earth shakes, rattles and rolls and has started swimming.

Week beginning 21/05/2018

This week, year 4 have been learning to dance the Samba as part of our Sport Week and have absolutely loved it!

Week beginning 14 May 2018 

This week in year 4 we have been focusing on writing non-chronological leaflets based on our topic, Great Britain. We have all learnt lots of fantastic information about a variety of landmarks in the U.K. In Maths we have been focusing on time, we are now starting to convert between analogue, 12 hour digital time, 24 hour digital time, as well as using Roman Numerals. 

Week beginning 07 May 2018 - Well being Week

This week we have been focusing on positive well being. As a school we have taken part in the Daily Mile each day this week. The afternoon's lessons have been focusing around PSHE topics. Year 4 expressed much enjoyment about participating in the Daily Mile and thought that it was a good way to begin the afternoon. 

Week beginning 30th April 2018

This week we have been learning about money in maths; using decimals to show pounds. We have set up our own shop and practiced buying multiple items and giving change using addition and subtraction with decimals.


Week beginning 23rd April 2018

This week we have had our entrance day to our new topic: ‘Can you come on a Great British Road trip?’ We have developed our map reading skills to locate the countries of the U.K. and major cities as well as famous landmarks. We recreated The Angel of the North using salt dough, Big Ben using lego and Stone Henge using biscuits!

5.jpg  6.jpg

Week beginning 16th April 2018

This week we have been learning about the changes in our local area since the Victorian age. We have learned about Victorian West Bromwich and how to spot a Victorian building!



Week beginning 23rd March 2018

This week we have took part in an Easter celebration with year 4 leading the Easter assembly presentation and singing.


Week beginning 12th March 2018 

This week year 4 have been on a trip to Blists Hill. Whilst at Blists Hill, we visited the traditional sweet shop whilst looking around the Victorian town and even had time to buy some sweet treats. We also carried out some William Morris inspired intaglio printing, we created our design in Art class and were able to transfer this whilst at Blists Hill to create a coloured print.

 DSCF5878  DSCF5865

Week beginning 29th January 2018

This week in year 4 we have been continuing our learning of the water cycle. Now we know the parts which make up the water cycle we have been focusing our attention on one of the main rivers - River Thames. We learnt the history and significance of the River Thames before we went to the imagination studio to take on roles along the River Thames. We had fishermen, tourists, swimmers, trades people. We then had a rowing race, we were either Oxford or Cambridge. Cambridge won! We had lots of fun learning about the River Thames.


Week beginning 22nd January 2018

This week, year 4 have been learning about classifying animals in Science. We have continued to use some of the Blue Planet series to help us find out more about unknown living things. We have used ipads to further research sea creatures and create classification keys.
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Week Beginning 15th January 2018

This week in year 4 we have had Entrance Day to our new topic, 'How does water go round and round?'. As a year group we discussed what we thought rivers were, before finding out what materials make up a river bed. We then went outside and created our own river on the playground!

DSCF5519 DSCF5521 DSCF5524


Week beginning 8th January 2018

This week, year 4 have been exploring the marvellous Blue Planet II as part of our new English talk for writing learning journey. We have created actions to help us to learn the language of an instruction text 'How to catch a scrumptious, herring fish' from the point of view of a baby orca wale.

100 2087 100 2116 100 2090

Week beginning 27 November 2017

This week year 4 were lucky enough to have a Roman visitor come into school for the day. We learnt lots of fantastic information about the Romans life and how they lived. We were able to play Roman games, look at Roman artefacts as well as learn all about how Romans used to fight as gladiators. We all had a super day.

100 1914 100 1929 100 1932

100 1945

Week beginning 20th November 2017

Year 4 have been learning different written methods for division and have had some excellent success using practical and pictorial equipment for arrays and bus stop method.

100 1854 100 1893

Week beginning 13th November 2017

This week year 4 have had their entrance day to introduce the new topic 'The Romans.' We have developed our map skills to understand the extent of the Roman Empire. We have become archaeologists on a dig to explore evidence for the changes of Romans living in Britain. 
 DSCF5119 DSCF5116 100 1843

Week Commencing: 30th October 2017

This week has been a busy first week back. We have been focusing on Cultural Week this week in year 4. We have  been reading 'Brolga Song' in English. We went to the imagination studio to listen to the story, focusing on the beautiful images which accompany the story. All of year 4 have been intrigued with the lifestyle of Australian Aboriginals and are excited to learn more.

100 1523


Week Commencing: 16 October 2017

In our final week, year 4 have been busy making volcanoes ready to erupt, producing volcano composition scenes in the style of William Turner and creating algorithms in computing using Microsoft's Kodu. We will also be presenting our homework projects at the end of the week as a big this space for photo updates!

100 1612

Week Commencing: 25th September 2017

In year 4 this week, we have had fun-filled lessons including making and filming T.V. adverts to save the yetis linked with our persuasive writing learning journey in English and class book 'The Abominables'. We have experimented with chocolate when testing changing states of matter, as well as enjoying the fantastic theatre production in school and yummy cakes for Macmillan coffee and cake morning!

100 1523 100 1528 DSCF4634


Week Commencing: 18th September 2017

This week in year 4 we have been enjoying our English read 'The Abominables'. We have been focusing on persuasive language to encourage people not to take Abominables out of their natural environment, we will be using our persuasion as a basis for our persuasive T.V advert. 

Week commencing 11 September 2017

This week year 4 have had an entrance day to our new topic 'Can the earth shake, rattle and roll?' We have been in the imagination studio to watch famous and recent earthquakes up close and have learnt all about the causes and outcomes of earthquakes. The children demonstrated their understanding by presenting self-made working models of plate boundaries.


Week commencing 4 September 2017

A warm welcome back to all our children. Hope they all have had a refreshing break over the summer.

This week all the children have been busy getting to know their new class teachers. They have settled very quickly in their year groups and back into routine. All ready for a busy and fun term!

Week Commencing 3rd July 2017
Year 4 have been on a trip to Conkers to take part in a woodland web activity to learn about food chains. "We enjoyed exploring around the forest at Conkers and learned about the sun always being the primary producer and other animals including an apex consumer like a fox. I particularly liked the barefoot walk!" Eloise.
Week Commencing 26th June 2017
This week we had creative day on Friday. Year four spent the day 'Painting by Sound'. Friday morning, we painted by sound. We listened to an instrumental recording of 'The Final Countdown' and we let our hands paint freely on our page whilst we thought about the music and our feelings. In the afternoon, we looked at an image and thought about the different elements. We had a selection of instruments and in our Kagan groups we had to compose a piece of music, which we then presented to the rest of the class
Week Commencing Monday 19th June 2017
This week in year four we have been busy in English. We have started our new class book which was revealed to us at the end of our first English lesson. We spent time working in our kagan groups developing our inference skills to predict what our new book is going to be about, as well as possible predicting the title. It was revealed our new book is 'Boy' by Roald Dahl.
Week Commencing Monday 12th June 2017
This week in year 4 we have been busy learning about our new curriculum topic called 'Is it better to be a child now or in the past?'. We spent our day learning about what it was like to be a child in the past, we also spent time comparing it to our experiences in the present day. In the afternoon, the children brought in a toy from home to share with the class. We discussed whether or not the toys we have now would be available in the past. 

Week Commencing Monday 5th June

This week has been a busy first week back to school. We have been busy creating experiments in Science based on a question posed to us, what do you think will happen to the lamp in a circuit when the switch is closed? The children used their prior learning to help them create an experiment in their kagan groups. They demonstrated fantastic results too!

Week Commencing Monday 22nd May

This week year four have amazed their teachers with their poetry writing. The children analysed a narrative poem focusing on language devices and vocabulary. All of the children performed their own narrative poetry at the end of the week in the solardome. Fantastic work year four!

Week beginning Monday 15th May 2017
Year 4 have amazed their teachers this week when learning about statistics in maths. They have produced some well-presented and precise bar charts...well done! A few children even chose to spend their dinnertime surveying children about favourite places and favourite fruit in the playground and producing a tally and bar chart from this! 
Week beginning Monday 8th May 2017
Year 4 have been learning about non-chronological reports in English and they are on their journey to write a leaflet about England's history and attractions. "We have been to the imagination studio the do our research." The children have watched videos and used interactive websites to explore the country.
Week beginning Monday 1st May 2017
We have started to learn about electricity in science including electrical appliances and circuits. It was really fun when we made electrical circuits connecting wires, cells and bulbs.
    image 1      image
Week beginning Monday 24th April 2017
This week back we have started our new topic 'Can you come on a Great British Road Trip?'. We have learned about the locations of countries and major cities as well as famous attractions. We have made models of Stonehenge, Big Ben and Angel of the North using biscuits, lego and salt dough.
Week Commencing 27th March 2017
This week in school has been Well-being Week. We have been focusing on being kind. We have all been busy been over the week sharing our ideas about being kind, putting them into action and thinking about how we can continue being kind going forward. We have created some beautiful butterflies which we will be arranging in the solardome. 
Week Commencing 20th March 2017
For Science week, year 4 have been exploring change in living things. We have already learned about the functions of different plants and so we set up an experiment to compare the rates of water transportation in the stem. "We used food colouring to see the change in the colour of the flower's petals'' Jaiden Creary.
Week Commencing 13th March 2017
This week in year 4 we have been looking at the difference between West Bromwich in the Victorian era and West Bromwich today. We have looked at different OS maps and pictures from the Victorian times as well as doing a street tour of West Bromwich today. We are really interested in the Victorians and the children have lots of questions which they want to ask. 
Week Commencing 10.03.17
This week we have had our entrance day to our new topic the Local Victorians. "We have learned that local teams like Aston Villa began in the era and the Victorian's balls were a lot harder than the balls that we have. The FA cup began in 1972 with football competitions and the rules we know today." Cejay Howl.
Week Commencing 27.02.17
This week year 4 have been really busy in Maths solving co-ordinate puzzles, as well as learning the rules for co-ordinates. In English we have been learning about our new book 'Oliver Twist', we have started looking into Victorian lives too. This will be continued through our History focus 'Local Victorians'. 
Week commencing 13th February 2017
This week in year 4 we have been finishing our moving picture books in design and technology. The children have experimented with a range of mechanisms that they have carefully chosen for effect when presenting the water cycle.
"I have used a V fold and lever mechanism to show the clouds moving." 
"I have used multiple layers for the land and ocean in the water cycle."
Week Commencing 6th February 2017
This week in year 4 we have been really busy planning and writing our own narrative poems. We have been using lots of poetic devices to make our poems the best that they can be. On Thursday we used to the Solardome as a platform to perform our poems to the rest of the class. In Curriculum this week we have been focusing on the Water Cycle, we are all now able to successfully label different parts of the Water Cycle to explain what happens everyday. 
The whole of year 4 have worked extremely hard this week and we are looking forward to the final week of term next week!
Week Commencing 30th January 2017
This week we have been learning about the water cycle and the role of the landscape. "We made an example of a mini cross section of a river."
Week Commencing 23th January 2017
This week in year 4 we were lucky enough to have the Storyplayers in to tell us a story from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The children really enjoyed the telling of the story as well as some of the children having the opportunity to take part in the story via drama. After the storytelling the children had the chance to draw their own Wimpy Kid, which was lots of fun!

In Science this week the children have been busy making Cornflake Cakes for our topic 'States of Matter'. We were focusing on the processes within making Cornflake Cakes looking at the chocolate changing state from a block of chocolate which the children told us was a solid, to heat being added to the chocolate for it to turn into a liquid. We got to take our Cornflake Cakes home and we enjoyed them at home after school.


Week commencing 9th January

This week we were lucky enough to work with Gavin from Kagan. He came into class and worked with us on Kagan structures. We all showed him our new team handshakes and discussed our team names with him. We all worked really hard learning the Kagan structure our class teacher had chosen and we can't wait to use it more in different lessons now. The children worked extremely hard this week on learning the time this week in Maths, even converting analogue time into 24 hour digital time! 


Week commencing 2nd January

This week we have changed Kagan groups and so we have got to know our new team mates and how we can help each other this term. We have also created team names and at home we will be creating our Kagan team emblems. We can't wait to use our team chants and handshakes for when we score table points! The children have worked super hard with shape this week in maths and have been excellent at describing properties of quadrilaterals! 


Week commencing 5th December

This week has been Curriculum week across school. This week in year 4 we have been focusing our learning around our topic The Egyptians. Year 4 parents joined us on Thursday morning, we split ourselves across 3 activities, we were busy making our purses using our joining techniques, adding our buttons and zips once we had made our purses. In the Imagination studio we went on a Pyramid tour, followed by carrying out a drama piece based on The Scarab's Secret. Finally, we were looking at  Egyptian Hireroglyphs, we had to solve a puzzle using the letters which matched the Egyptian Hireroglyphs, once we had solved the puzzle we then had to reply back in Hireroglyphs.

All of year 4 are progressing well with their swimming. We had a really positive swim on Thursday and all the children were really enjoying themselves. Some of our children even swam a whole length of the pool!


Week commencing 28th November


'We have been learning to sew to make our purses.' This week year 4 have practiced different joining techniques in order to make Egyptian money containers next week. In English, we have been studying the class text The Scarab's Secret. We have looked at historical fiction themes and conventions as well as role-playing characters to gain a better understanding of their thoughts, feelings and actions.


Week Commencing 21st November

This week in year 4 we have had a really exciting week in maths learning about fractions. On Friday we had a practical maths lesson, we were applying our understanding of tenths and hundreths to measure our material, zips, buttons and velcro ready to make our Egyptian purses in a couple of weeks time. The children applied their understanding of tenths and hundredths from the week to this task accurately. 




Week commencing 14th November

This week year 4 went on an Into Film trip to the cinema to watch Hotel Translvania 2. The children had an amazing experience and we have been discussing the morals embedded in the film as well as using it in English to learn about direct speech. 

Week commencing 7th November

This week year 4 have been extremely busy! As a year group we watched a production of ‘Robin Hood’ on Monday which everybody really enjoyed, all of the children in year 4 were joining in and loved seeing Robin Hood come to life. As normal, we went swimming on Thursday, the children are all progressing really well and are enjoying their swimming lessons! Today, Friday 11th November 2016 year 4 have had a really special visitor to start our History Topic on Ancient Egyptians. The Mummies Head came into school and bought numerous artefacts and exciting information for us all to learn about.


Week commencing 31st October

We have been learning about Aboriginal culture: the beliefs about dreamtime, dreamtime stories, Australian aboriginal art and dance.


We were very lucky to learn to use African drums and perform Bhangra dancing from specialist teachers. We liked the different drums and acting out the animal spirits in dreamtime stories the most!


Week Commencing 17th October

It has been another super week in year 4! This week we watched a performance of Charlotte’s Web, the whole school absolutely loved it, especially year 4. We have had such a busy week that we also walked up to Church this week to celebrate Harvest. Our school councillors took our boxes of food to the alter to be given to the soup kitchen and to send to Calais.


Week commencing 10th October 


To prepare for our next writing task, this week we have created a T.V advert to persuade an audience to "adopt an abominable". The children have tried to use a range of persuasive devices and focussed on changing the tone of their voice and emphasising key words.

"We have been taking a look outside our school to sketch the landscape." The children have been making observational drawings taking into consideration perspective and composition.



Week commencing 3rd October

In year 4 we have just started our new class book 'The Abominables'. We are really interested to find out what will happen in the story and learn about the adventure that the characters are going on!


Week commencing 26th September

Cake, cake and more cake! Ryders Green was taken over by lots of sweet treats for Macmillan Coffee Morning. Lots of us were very busy at home and made fantastic designs for the 'wow'stopper challenge, we entertained the people at the coffee morning and even had a chance to buy a cake ourselves.


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