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Week Commencing 11th September 2017

This week in year 5 we have started our topic work and found out where the Anglo-Saxons, Scots and Vikings originated from.

In Maths we have read and written numbers up to 1,000,000 and ordered numbers them.  
In English we have written a reply to an invitation from King Hrothgar to attend the opening ceremony of the great Mead Hall.
Year 5.

Week Commencing 4th September 2017

A warm welcome back to all our children. Hope they all have had a refreshing break over the summer.

This week all the children have been busy getting to know their new class teachers. They have settled very quickly in their year groups and back into routine. All ready for a busy and fun term!

Week Commencing 12th June 2017

On June 15th children from our school who had instrumental lessons performed in concert to celebrate their learning this year. The audience had an enjoyable evening listening to music from the Batman theme, Om Pah Pah from the musical Oliver, Titanic theme and Harry Potter theme.

The audience also enjoyed popcorn or nacho treats to enhance their evening.


Week Commencing 12.06.17

This week in year 5 we have written our own myth which includes magical and mystical creatures from the Greek times.  In Maths we have learnt about how to reflect and translate shapes using co-ordinates.  During our Curriculum we have looked at the difference between weather and climate and the climate in an Amazon Rain forest compared to Sandwell.    


Week Commencing 24.04.17

This week Y5 were involved a workshop about the Amazing Greeks. Some children were dressed in traditional Greek costume. The year group learnt about Greek Gods such as Zeus and Poseidon by listening to, acting out and freeze framing some Myths and Legends.

The practical activities were enjoyed by all the children and will form the basis of some Greek myths and legends narrative written work, for the rest of the term.

Here are some quotes from the children about the workshop:

…I found out more about the legends and myths and also what they wore….

…the acting helped me learn the stories…


Week Commencing 03.04.17

This week has been fun filled and exciting.  We have learnt how to find fractions and percentages of amounts in Maths.  Written our own sci-fi stories in English and made our own Quiz Quiz Trade cards with the help of our parents on Thursday morning.  In VIB we planted herbs in the year 5 garden that we will watch grow in the future.  Have a great Easter Year 5 team.

Week Commencing 27.03.17

During Well Being week year 5 have watched Inside my Head – BBC Newsround. An article about a child who suffered with mental health issues. Using this as a basis of discussion we felt that we should be able to freely expressive our worries, to a chosen adult. We have identified what things make us happy and planted the area outside 5BK to improve our learning environment.

In year 5 we have been looking at the Maya civilisation, their beliefs and gods that they pray to.

In English we have started to create characters, settings and dilemmas in readiness for writing for our sci-fi stories.  Maths has been all about fraction and percentages of amounts.
In science we investigated what material we could use for a lunchbox that would keep our food cool.  We carried out an experiment using ice and a number of materials.  Looking at what we should keep the same and the variable that will change.

January 2017

In Geography this half term in curriculum year 5 our topic was, 'Where should we go on holiday?'At first we used maps to find countries, there key features and mountain ranges. Delving into mountains we discovered how they were formed and looked at the different types.

 In science we have looked at the size of the Earth, Sun and Moon and why we have different seasons. 


During English we have written a letter of complaint and at present we are writing non-chronological reports on the Solar System. 


Time has been one of the topics that we have learnt about on Maths.  Telling the time using digital and analogue clocks.  We have done a lot of work on multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100 and 1,000.


Week commencing 26.09.16

In Year 5 this week we have conducted a survey to find out our favourite biscuit. This involved recording the results onto a tally chart and representing the data as a bar graph. 

We hope to taste a variety of biscuits next week, identify what the ingredients are for each one, recognise what makes them different and why they are out favourites. 

Week commencing 17/10/16


This week we watched Charlotte’s Web. It was performed by a theatre company in our school hall.

Here are some feelings about the performance:

‘It was brilliant!’   ‘Fern was funny!’    ‘It was exciting!’ ‘I feel that I could retell the story after watching the play.’

‘I would like to read the book now.’


On Thursday morning we led the Harvest Service in St. Andrew’s Church.

At first we felt nervous about speaking in front of the whole school and all the parents, but it wasn’t so bad after all. We were pleased with the amount of food donated to our two charities.

Week commencing 12.10.16

This week in year 5 we have been learning about Black History Month.  In our English lesson we looked at how people were segregated in some countries during the apartheid.  We looked at different ways that we could be segregated and decided that it was wrong to punish people and treat them differently because of the way they look or act.  We spoke about how we felt and how it was not how we behave today. We also had the chance to learn how people like Martin Luther King made a stand against it and now we all have the same rights.  Our British Values teach us to respect all faiths and religions and treat everyone the same.

Week commencing 03.10.16

In Year 5, we have the responsibility of leading the school in our Harvest celebrations when we go to St. Andrew's church. This week, we have started thinking about harvest, what it means and preparing our assembly to share with the school.

Week commencing 26.09.16

We had such a fantastic day on Friday, everyone really helped to support Macmillan Cancer Support. We had so many cakes in the hall it was making everyone hungry. We loved the winning 'wow'stopper design and even enjoyed eating some cake ourselves.

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