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Week beginning 4.9.17

This week was our first week in year 6. We have had a lovely week bonding as a class. We have spent time working on our new topic, WWII. We have researched, designed and made Anderson Shelters. We have decided on our school councillors and discussed the voting system in Great Britain. We have begun reading our class book, ‘An Eagle in the Snow’ and started to think about what could happen later on in the story. We are looking forward to our year ahead, and can’t wait for what is in store for us!


Week beginning 04.09.17

A warm welcome back to all our children. Hope they all have had a refreshing break over the summer.

This week all the children have been busy getting to know their new class teachers. They have settled very quickly in their year groups and back into routine. All ready for a busy and fun term!

Week beginning 17.7.17

This week was an emotional week for year 6 as it was their final week in Primary School. We spent time rehearsing our production and making sure that everything would be perfect for when we performed it for our parents. On Thursday, as 6G had the best attendance in school, they visited the cinemas to see Dispicable me 3 as a reward. On Thursday night we also had our prom. Year 6 had an amazing time and it was the perfect way to end our time at Ryders Green. Our final day was very emotional. We are all incredibly sad to be leaving Ryders Green and we will remember our time here forever. 

Week beginning 10.7.17

This week year 6 began making their model houses in D&T. As part of our topic, we have designed houses for the future. Children bought in materials from home and spent the morning making a model of the house that they designed. This was part of our celebration morning and parents joined us in making them. We have also spent time preparing our items for the summer fayre. We made fruit kebabs covered in chcoclate, chocolate cakes and smoothies. The money made from this will go towards our prom.


Week beginning 26.6.17

This week year 6 began rehearsing for their leavers production. At the moment, we have only begun practicing the songs that we will be signing. The children are enjoying the songs and are beginning to realise that in only a few weeks time, they will be moving on to their secondary schools. We have also enjoyed our writing, which has included creating our own creatures and writing explanations about them. 

Week Beginning 19.06.17

On Friday, 27 members of year 6 went on their residential to Boreatton Park in Shrewsbury. We spent two days it was an amazing weekend. All of the children and staff had a brilliant time. We took part in activities such as abseiling, raft building, archery, giant swing and aeroball. The weather was perfect somehow we all managed to escape without sunburn. The children came back with many different tales that they have shared with their peers. As a year group we would highly recommend going to PGL Boreatton Park. We appreciate all the effort from parents and members of staff who gave up their weekends to provide such a great time.

IMG 7658

When we returned to school on the Monday children returned to a last piece of writing before writing moderation and submission of levels. The children have made us all extremely proud and tried their hardest. In the final four weeks we will be exploring investigative maths, our end of year performance, evolution, how our planet will look in the future and Sikhism.

We are all looking forward to the final four weeks of Year Six’s time at Ryders Green and will endeavour to make them the best yet.

The Year 6 Team J   

Week beginning 12.6.17

This week has been an exciting week for year 6, mainly because 2 of us are due to go on our residential on Friday. Many children will be experiencing their first weekend away from home and so this is a big step for us all! It is going to be a time to enjoy adventurous activities and to experience life without phones and tablets!

Week beginning 22.5.17

This week year 6 have been doing lots of writing! We have written newspaper reports based around Harry Potter as well as recounts based on Harry’s trip to Diagon Alley. We used the imagination studio to imagine what Diagon Alley would have been like. We were able to really think about what it would have been like to have visited. In groups, we created banks of language and ideas to include in our work. The highlight of our week was continuing our swimming lessons, where many of gained even more confidence than we did on our first week. 

Week beginning 15.6.17

This week we began our swimming lessons. It was great fun although many of us thought we had forgotten to swim. However, as soon as we got in the water it was clear that we hadn’t forgotten. Many of us gained confidence within the first five minutes and it was great to see everyone giving it a great go. We also carried out a science experiment this week too, looking at how elasticity effects the bounce of balls. We used rubber latex solution along with bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice to make the balls. We all conducted a fair experiment with these and had a great time. 

Week beginning 8.5.17

This last week year 6 have taken part in their SATs tests. They have all worked incredibly hard and should be very proud of themselves. They are all enjoying a well-deserved break today, including a party this afternoon. We have lots of exciting things planned for their final weeks in school, including a weekend trip to Boreatton Park!

Week beginning 24.4.17

This week has been our last full week before our SATs. We have worked incredibly hard revising for our maths, reading and SPAG tests. We have fine-tuned our test skills by working on annotating tests, highlighting key words in questions and pairing up vocabulary to operations. Remember to rest up over the long weekend, we have two more days to keep our brains fresh!

Enjoy your weekend!

Week beginning 27.3.17

 In Literacy this week, we have been drafting our narrative with a focus on building tension and using informal language in our dialogue. Over the past few weeks, we wrote a character description and a setting description using elements of SAMPO and short sentences to build suspense. At the start of the week, we looked at the key features Myth and Legend story includes and produced a plan of what our story will consist of. However, we needed to add a cliff hanger or twist to our ending to further enhance our writing. 

 In Maths, we looked at money problems involving multi-step problems. Using RUCSAC, we were able to annotate the question which enabled us to answer the questions correctly. Then we tackled money problems involving percentages. Using our prior knowledge of working out percentages of amounts, we were able to work out percentage increases and decreases.


This week in year 6 we spent time writing our scary stories. We were able to visit the imagination studio in order to gather language for our settings which helped us a lot to create wonderful expanded noun phrases with brilliant description. We also spent time looking at the properties of 2d and 3d shapes as well as the different rules relating to angles. Because the heating was broken, it did however mean that we missed two days of school. We will be catching up on any missed work during next week!

Week beginning 13.3.17

This week in year 6 we have been working on creating a character for our scary stories. We visited the imagination studio to watch a clip of a character which we could base our work on. We gathered relevant language to use and then spent time drafting before writing it up in best. We also spent time doing some different assessments, including reading and maths. We have all done very well and are very proud of ourselves. We also said goodbye to a member of staff who has been part of the school for over 12 years. We wish her the best of luck in the future. 

Week Beginning 06.03.17

This week in year 6 we have spent time working on ratio and proportion. We used the bar model to support our learning which helped us enormously and we all now feel confident with ratio and proportion. We also spent time writing up our science experiment based on heart rate and lung capacity. We used a bottle to test our lung capacity before and after exercise and compared this to our pulse. 

Week beginning 27.2.17

This week we began our topic ‘Why Should We Thank The Ancient Greeks?’ We began by gathering what we already know and what we would like to find out. We then spent time ordering some different events that occurred during this period. In English we spent time writing job applications for our dream jobs. It was really interesting to see what jobs people wanted to apply to. They ranged from Barrister to fictitious jobs such as potion maker! We also spent time revisiting fractions, decimals and percentages in maths, applying our understanding to worded and reasoning problems.

Week Beginning 13.2.17

In Literacy this week, we have been drafting our Myth and Legend story with a focus on assessing our writing to ensure we included all the success criteria. Over the past few weeks, we wrote a character description and a setting description using elements of SAMPO and subordinate clauses to produce a narrative piece of writing. At the start of the week, we looked at the key features Myth and Legend story includes and produced a plan of what our story will consist of. However, we needed to add a cliff hanger or twist to our ending to further enhance our writing. 

In Maths, we looked at Line Graphs and Pie Charts in order to interpret data and solve problems.Ensuring that we increased the accruacy of our data, we annotated our questions and used a ruler to workout the problems. Also, we used our prior knowledge of fractions and percentages to solve reasoning problems in pie charts. We annotated the question beforehand, which enabled us to answer the questions correctly.

Week Beginning 6.2.17

This week in year 6 we have continued with our Myth and Legends, but we have focused on writing effective settings descriptions. We have written some wonderful work and even had a chance to visit them Imagination Studio in order to experience the Arora Borealis so that we could make our settings feel more magical. In maths we completed some practice tests and continued with some algebra work. We were all really happy with our results and how we have improved since the beginning of the yhear. We have also spent some time creating posters for our topic ‘Are We Damaging Our Earth’, looking at how certain places are being effected by our actions.

Week commencing 30.1.17

This week in year 6 we spent time writing character descriptions in preparation for our Myth and Legend stories. We spent time gathering great language and then spent time drafting and writing to ensure our work was amazing. We also enjoyed learning about algebra this last week too. We applied our understanding to a codebreaker task which we all really enjoyed and we were surprised to discover that algebra doesn’t need to be difficult!

Week beginning 23.1.17

This week in year 6 we spent time writing newspaper reports. We watched clips of events that have happened and looked at a range of newspaper reports. We were able to choose what we wanted to write about which proved to be interesting! Some people wrote about bomb scares and others wrote about burglaries, but overall, we wrote some briilant work. As part of English, we also had a session with the Storyplayers. We heard part of the story ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ and then got change to invent our own sweets which we then shared with the class. It was great fun!

In maths this week we worked on time and then applied this to worded problems. At first we found it a bit tricky, but we soon got the hang of it and applied it to worded problems. We also spent time doing some maths assessments where we were able to show off all of our brilliant learning. We had some amazing scores and are very proud of ourselves.

Week beginning 16.1.17

This week in Literacy, Year 6 have been planning a newspaper report with a focus on direct and indirect speech. We have learnt that direct speech is when you write down exactly what the person is saying using inverted commas while indirect speech is when you are repeating what someone has said. In our lesson, we hot seated our Kagan-Partners to gather ideas of what a reporter would gain from interviewing the participants involved in the accident. Using this information we started drafting our newspaper report with a focus on relative clauses.

This week in Maths, Year 6 have been learning about angles, area, perimeter and volume. We know that there are different types of angles and their degrees i.e. acute (<90 degrees), right-angled (90 degrees), obtuse (91-179 degrees), straight line (180 degrees) and a reflex angle (181-360 degrees). We also learned how to find missing angle on a straight line, at a point and vertically opposite angles. In area and perimeter, we used the formula to find the surface area and distance around regular shapes and compound shapes.

Week beginning 9.1.17

In year 6 this week, we spent time converting units of measure and reading scales. We applied this to reasoning and worded problems which we found quite tricky at first, but by the end of the week, we completely understood! We also spent time writing diaries as if we were Lucy from Narnia. This was great fun because we got to visit the imagination studio which was set up as a winter-wonderland.

Week beginning 2.1.17

This week in year 6 we identified the features of diaries, as this is going to be our writing focus for the next couple of weeks. As we have been looking at WWII, we looked at extracts from Anne Frank’s diary and identified the different features so that we could apply these in our writing. In maths we spent time looking at fractions, decimals and percentages and then looked at applying our understanding to reasoning problems. We spent time modelling how to solve these problems using pictorial representations.

Week commencing 5.12.16

This week in year 6 we have written some wonderful work based around the story of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We looked at the part of the text where Lucy enters the wardrobe and then imagined we were entering Narnia too, as we had the chance to visit the Imagination Studio which was set us as a winter wonderland! We have also done some tricky work on coordinates in maths, but it actually turned out to be much easier than we thought! We also had our Curriculum Day this week, where we wrote letters as evacuees, made Anderson shelters and experienced what it would have been like during an air raid. It was great fun.

Week commencing 28.11.16

This week in year 6 we have had a week of practice SATs tests. We have worked incredibly hard and so it was a great opportunity to show how much progress we have made and a good chance to experience what the tests will be like. We have also spent time writing short stories based around ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’. In maths we applied our understanding of data to a CSI investigation. We all enjoyed finding out who was guilty! Next week we are looking forward to writing about The Chronicles of Narnia and working on geometry. 

Week commencing 21.11.16

This week, we had the opportunity to visit the ‘Back to Backs’ museum situated in the heart of Birmingham. Children visited the monumental historical site which offered the chance to imagine what it was like to live during the World War 2. Whilst touring the site, children were given old-fashioned clothes to help them settle into what the children wore during those times. During the visit, the children were shown how fires were lit; through the use of newspaper, kindling wood and smokeless coal. Interestingly, the children discovered that during the black-out zone, houses were completely covered in darkness and families remained in the bunkers during the frequent bombings taking place. Traditional games such as skipping and bowling were often played by the children during the Second World War

Week commencing 14/11/16

This week we have done ratio and proportion in numeracy and then applied this to recipes including brownies, cakes and cookies. On Wednesday, in Topic, we wrote a class speech based on the speech Winston Churchill gave and one of the children read it out in front of the class. Thursday was a very exciting day because we went to the cinema to watch The Jungle Book (in 3D). It was brilliant! On Friday we designed our own bedrooms based around the book Goodnight Mr Tom. We had to convert between cm and m and then divide by the scale factor to give the scale model dimensions. Designing the bedrooms was tricky at first, but by the end of the lesson, we all understood!

Week commencing 7/11/16

This week in maths we have used our understanding of fractions, percentages and decimals to work out worded problems. On Thursday we were set a challenge to work out how much food you needed a week for the family during WW11. In English we have looked at the book Goodnight Mr Tom and written a setting description of Turville (where the story is set). In science we learnt about the human digestive system and the important organs that the food travels through when digesting. Friday we watched a play about Robin Hood performed by M and M theatre productions. In curriculum we started learning about WW11. We wrote a timeline about the events that happened during the war. Overall we have enjoyed this week.

(Nasrin and Sahildeep)      

Week commencing 31.10.16

This week we have being experiencing some of the vast amounts of cultures that Ryders Green and the local community has to offer. The week started with us listening to the Martin Luther King’s speech with the aim of creating our own speech by the end of the week. Alongside our writing we have been rounding of our fractions unit in maths, finding fractions of amounts and applying our knowledge to inverse questions. Really though our focus has been on the four exciting activities we had lined up for the week. Tuesday we had two exciting sessions of African drumming, Thursday was a busy day for most as half the year group went to the National Trust Back to Backs, in Birmingham, we got to dress up in WWII attire and explore WWII houses from top to bottom. When the year group were reunited we had the opportunity to take part in Chinese dancing, which we showcased in this week’s WOW assembly. Last but certainly not least we all took part in plate decorating with a specific focus on Chinese décor. Have a browse at some of the pictures below!

(Mr Ali, Ms Edmundson, Mr Falconer and Mr Gadd)

Week commencing 17/10/16

This week, on Monday, we watched Charlotte’s Web performed by a theatre group from Scotland called M&M Theatre Productions.J It was amazing we were very impressed. After the show Year 6 got to go to the work shop and see how the characters were played- our favourite character was Wilber.

On Thursday, we went to the church for the Harvest Festival. We sang two songs and Year 5 lead the Harvest Collaborative Worship.

In English, we wrote poems about our teachers and in Maths, we learned to divide and multiply fractions.

Fathima (6G) and Fabiha (6F)

Week commencing 10.10.16

This week in maths we have been learning about fractions, focusing on comparing and ordering fractions, looking at mixed and improper fractions. In English we have been learning about discursive texts, in the first week we learnt actions based on whether or not Daleks should be allowed to live on earth, then in the second week we learnt how to write a discursive text on the topic, whether or not mobile phones should be allowed in school. This all built up to our final piece of writing which focused upon the topic of slavery. Overall it has been a lovely week and we are looking forward to next week’s work on poetry and fractions.

(Amritha, Hariss and Millie.)

Week commencing 03.10.16

This week Decca came in to speak to all the children in Year 6. We had a special workshop looking at medicines, alcohol, tobacco and other substances. It was a chance for us to find out some information of how we can keep ourselves safe and ask some sensible questions too.

Week commencing 26.09.16

Year 6 had a very busy morning on Friday as we helped with the Macmillan Coffee Morning in school. We helped to organise all of the 'wow'stopper cakes in the main hall, set up the KS1 hall and even help serve some of the friends and families that came into school to support this special event.

This week in year 6 we have spent time working on ratio and proportion. We used the bar model to support our learning which helped us enormously and we all now feel confident with ratio and proportion. We also spent time writing up our science experiment based on heart rate and lung capacity. We used a bottle to test our lung capacity before and after exercise and compared this to our pulse.

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