Music at Ryders Green

Music Timetable 2017/18
Music Timetable 2017 18

Young Voices 10th January 2018


Carol singing at Goldfield Court - 6th December 2017

On Wednesday our school wind band and a selection from the Y4 Young Voices Choir went to sing and play carols at Goldfield Court.

The residents were delighted withtheir afternoon of festive music and were able to join in with the singing too. After the children performed they went and spoke to some of the residents about school and the up and coming festivities.

Year 2 Big Spring Sing Workshop

On Friday the 3rd March twenty children from Year 2 went to Hargate Primary school to take part in a Big Spring Sing workshop.
The children learnt new songs and developed musicianship skills. They were also lucky enough to beable to sing with a live band, which brought the whole experience to life.

Young Voices 2017



 Baljeevan 3G

“I would want to go again and my favourite part was when we were doing ‘Malisule’. I would recommend it to someone else. But I didn’t like the part when we had to jump up and down. I liked it when the lights turned us into different colours.”

Mahek 4D

“I enjoyed it because the lights lit up the sky which was a great effect. My favourite part was singing ‘Malisule’ and dancing along with the music. I would recommend it and it was great, the biggest concert that I have ever seen. You should go there because it is fantastic and is just never ending. Next year hopefully, it will be even better and much bigger.”

Reeya 5R

“I liked it when we did the dance moves they were really fun. I liked it when the guy jumped around and showed us the moves. I didn’t dislike anything. I would recommend it to my friends because I think they would enjoy it too!

My favourite part was ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’, I loved the YV t-shirts.


Skye 6G

“This concert was my first ever and possibly the greatest as I am only a child. I liked every part of it. ‘What was there not to like?’ I recommend it to every child in the country!

My favourite part was when we were rocking out at all the rock songs. It was great and I wish I could go there again.”


Music at Ryders Green

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