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At Ryders Green Primary School we explore, find patterns, classify and observe over time so to build upon our scientific skills and adapt our misconceptions of the world around us. 
Miss Blackmore, our Head Teacher, is currently the Science Leader who is coaching some of our NQT's to become a wonderful Science Team. Miss Blackmore was awarded Primary Science Teacher 2016 from the Primary Science Teaching Trust.
Visit our new additional science page on - PSTT - Primary Science Teaching Trust - Miss Blackmore is a fellow of this trust and has recently been awarded 'The Primary Science Teacher Award'. For more information on Primary Science Teaching Trust, please refer to there website.

As well as our weekly Science lessons we celebrate the annual national Science and Engineering Week across the country. This year we focused on 'change' within the context of the Roald Dahl book 'George's Marvellous Medicine.

You can read a narration of it here. 
'Narration of ''George's Marvellous Medicine"
Teachers were able to link Science and Engineering week with many of the other National Curriculum subjects such as PSHE, English and Design and Technology. 
This is a weblink on drama strategies teachers used within their themed lessons.
We used the Imagination Studio to experience the changing of the seasons, a large piece of ice breaking away from an ice berg, the life cycles of wheat, being snorkelers experiencing the decay of a coral reef, how the Mayans changed their landscape, a volcano erupting and an earthquake occurring.
Summer Project 2017
The week beginning 27th March was Wellbeing week. One part of this was physical wellbeing which will involved the whole school gardening in their own designated area over the school site. The idea is for children to understand how gardening is relaxing and therapeutic and rewarding. It also enables children to develop skills and understanding on helping a living thing to grow. Please see our gallery for photos of the event.
Nursery and Reception - Vegetable garden
Year 1 Sensory garden in our KS1 garden
Year 2 Hanging baskets
Year 3 Dome garden
Year 4 Busy bee area 
Year 5 Herb garden
Year 6 Dome area
This project will continue through the 2017/18 year.

Congratulations Miss Blackmore
Our Head Teacher has been awarded Primary Science Teacher Award 2016
Over a million applied and there were only eight successful winners from across the United Kingdom this year and our Miss Blackmore was one of them. Well done Miss Blackmore.
One of the PSTT trustees came to present Miss Blackmore with the award in front of the whole school alongside our Chair of Governors and our Early Years Governor. It was a lovely occasion.
The award is for innovative practice and exceptional dedication to primary science teaching. Miss Blackmore becomes a Fellow of the Primary Science Teacher College, receiving finding and support from the Primary Science Teaching Trust to continue and expand their remarkable work in primary science education.


In Science Club, we make predictions for experiments which we carry out the following week. After we have completed our experiment, we check to see if our prediction is correct, we then write up our results based on the experiment and our prediction.

Some examples of experiments which we have carried out in Science Club this academic year are:

-   Colourful Sugar

-   Coke and Mento Explosion

-   Rice Krispy Cakes, the Science behind this experiment was to see a solid (chocolate) melting into a liquid

-   Thirsty Brick

-   Oobleck (solid and a liquid at the same time)

-   Tornado in a Bottle

-   Float or Sink Orange

-   Melting Experiment (ice cubes)

-   Sound experiments

We also covered some Geology, we went exploring in the Nursery Garden and gathered different rocks. When we came back into Club we compared hardness, shape, texture. We also spent some time measuring and weighing the rocks we had collected the week before.

Pupil Views:

Sabrine: I like Science Club because it is fun and the experiments are fun too

Sania: I come to Science Club because it is fun and there is lots more to learn

Talha: I like Science Club because there are lots of explosions!

Eloise: I like Science Club because it’s different, I learn lots and Miss Davis is super funny!

Aaliyah: I like Science Club because we do experiments and some are really good! My favourite was when we made a tornado in a bottle

Dife: In Science Club we learn lots and do experiments which sometimes involve explosions

Massamba: I like Science Club because all of the experiments are good and Miss Davis is the best

Hamood: I like Science Club because we learn stuff which we didn’t know before

Christian: I like Science Club because we learn new things every week.

Karina: I love Science Club because it is so much fun. I love Science Club! 


The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC) creates and sustains links between school science and industry’s people and practices.

 CIEC Logo      An introduction is found on:

Primary resources can be found on


Fun Science websites

Science News - Useful resources

EarthWatch Institute

This organisation offers free visits to schools to run outdoor education workshops for children. They are also keen to work with groups of teachers to help develop outdoor education provision in schools. These programmes are fully funded and available across the UK. The website also provides free resources for you to build your own lesson plans to engage and inspire your students.

They offer some full training weekends (cost associated) in Oxfordshire and Cardiganshire.

RAF 100 Project
The Historical Association, the Institute of Physics and the Royal Air Force are working together to deliver an exciting project for schools which uses the story of the RAF to explore concepts in both history and physics. Participating schools will have the opportunity to contribute to the national celebrations planned for summer 2018.

If you would like your school to take part, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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