Year Four

Year 4 is the second year of Key Stage 2. Children will continue to learn new concepts and new vocabulary. They will become increasingly independent and able to co-construct their curriculum. The children must always be aware that the quality of their work is of primary importance.

During Year 4 at Ryders Green, the learning is focussed around the following topic areas:

Autumn - 'Can the earth shake, rattle and roll?' and 'How much did the Ancient Egyptians achieve?'.

The Autumn term gets of to a fantastic start learning about volcanoes and earthquakes, we even get to have a go at making our own volcano! We will learn about the famous artist, Turner, and create our own work based upon the ideas he used in his paintings.


Our history topic for Autumn Term is all about the Ancient Egyptians, a period in history we are facinated with! We cannot wait to find out about how the pyramids were built, where Egypt is located and what the pharoah's really got up to! We even have a visitor coming in to school with some real Ancient Egyptian artefacts for us to explore.


Spring - 'How does water go round and round?' and 'What was important to our local Victorians?'

Summer - 'Can you come on a great American road trip?' and 'What happened when the Romans came?'


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