Year Six

Year 6 is the final year of key stage 2.  During this year the children will be given many opportunities of fine-tuning their learning, through collaborative and independent activities in all subjects. They will carry out SATs tests during May, where all their learning will be incorporated in a week, enabling the children to show off their learning throughout their time at school.
During Year 6 at Ryders Green the learning is focused around different topic areas during the year.
Autumn - 'Where does all of our stuff come from?' and 'How did World War Two impact our local area?'
We all have so much 'stuff' and during the Autumn term it is our chance to find out where it is all made, how it is transported and what goes into making the things we all take for granted. We will be able to use a variety of resources including the imagination studio to discover the journey of 'stuff' all around the world.
Moving into the second half of the term, we will move on to consider the impact WW2 had on the West Midlands and compare this to places further away. We will learn about the challenges people faced and how they coped during this difficult time. Year 6 will also visit the Birmingham Back to Backs to learn about life at home during the war.
 Spring - 'Are we damaging our world?' and 'How has communication changed over time?'
Summer - 'How will our world look in the future?' and 'Why should we thank the Ancient Greeks?'

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